Hi there, I'm Dan. I've been working as a designer, maker and creative in the marketing, tech, and product industries since the turn of the millenium.

I started my career in New York City, creating interactive media amongst budding digital teams at traditional ad agencies and digital shops alike.

After a move to San Francisco I joined Evolution Bureau, an innovative startup agency that blurred the lines between broadcast and digital marketing and helped usher in a technically advanced, visually stunning wave of work to the digital space. Here, I brought the first Elf Yourself to life, setting the standard for what it meant to go viral in the early days of the medium. I worked on a multitude of other award-winning projects, many of which have been featured on The FWA.

After spending time as a freelance creative and an extended stay at the digital agency AKQA, I joined Google as a Creative Lead, overseeing digital marketing efforts across our suite of hardware products and our flagship Google Store in Chelsea, NYC.

In my spare time, I create still and moving generative artwork using adversarial neural networks, a form of machine learning. You can check out my work on Instagram. I also sometimes release original music on SoundCloud.

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