Explore the World

We created an experience where customers were transported to nearly any location on Earth to travel along a route of their choosing, while getting a feel for Verizon's wearable fitness products.

Here's how it worked: Customers sit on a bike or treadmill in the store, each facing a large LCD screen. They then enter an address — any address — into a Google Maps interface within our app to set a starting point, then drag around the map area to set an end point. As they begin to run/bike, the Google Maps API starts feeding Google Street View frames to the LCD screen, sped up and blended into a smoothly running video of the user's custom ride. They can check their wearable as they go and get on-screen pointers.

The result is a bit of a virtual reality ride without those weighty glasses, and a unique way to demo the latest wearable tech.

Route selection app

Custom route selection closeup

Trek start (Venice, Italy)

Mid trek

Mid trek with pointer

Trek end